Top 5 Online Business Ideas for 2013

What are the Best Online Business Ideas for 2013?

Online Business Ideas 2013If you are considering taking the plunge and starting your own internet marketing or online business, you have come to the perfect place!

For the average person out there, making money online is a little ‘different’… But you were born to stand out right?

It’s time to get started online and there are a world of opportunities out there for you! Let’s dive right in and take a peak at the top 5 online business ideas for 2013.

The top 5 online business ideas for 2013:

Niche websites:

If you have poked around online a little, you may have heard some negatives associated with niche websites… this largely dates back to the old-school methods of making money online with small 1-3 page websites. They are often simply referred to as niche websites because they focus on a small niche topic (usually a niche within a niche). But, you can build a quality 15-20 page website nowadays on an area of interest and make money from Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling ads to businesses and many more ways too. It’s a great way to get started making money online.


Starting your own blog is dirt-cheap. For under $20 you can be on your money-making way. Talk about doing things differently – you can pay well over 1000 times that amount for a ‘normal business’… There are tons of fantastic and skilled bloggers out there to follow.

Do a quick search in your are of interest and you will not doubt find a couple blogs on the first page of Google. Use these to get some ideas for starting your own blog!

Affiliate Marketing:

Not exactly a new form of internet business, but you can certainly make handy income from doing it!

As an affiliate marketer, you are connecting would-be customers with business that supply products and services. It’s too easy. Money for jam really and you get paid handy commissions for making referrals. Again, less that $20 to get started.

Article Writing:

Websites such as and are two that are commonly used by home based business owners to generate income from home. Essentially what these sites allow you to do is create content (write articles) and then upload them to those websites. The sites place ads on your content and when those ads generate revenue, you get paid commissions!

Publishing Kindle E-Books:

This is going MASSIVE online and you can literally turn your knowledge into a short e-book, sell it for a couple bucks a copy and make a nice ongoing residual income. Amazon are the owners of the Kindle platform so you get to leverage of the strength of one of the biggest websites on earth.

As an e-book publisher you have next to no overheads – unlike traditional book publishers!

Top home based business and internet market websites:

The Online MLM Guide – Make money online with network marketing the smart way.

Home Business Success - Website dedicated to home based business ideas.

Some handy articles on home business and internet marketing:

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So there you have it, a quick guide to the top online business ideas for 2013 and some handy websites and articles to find out more!

Get started, make it happen, and earn some great money from home this year!


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